Multi-function Electric Pressure Cooker

Multi-function Electric Pressure Cooker

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    "Getting tired of your rice cooker? Does your money get wasted on buying different tools just to cook rice, soup and stew? What if I told you that you call all do that in just one cooker."

    Yes, my friend. Just ONE! Cooking tool! Because Multi-function Electric Pressure Cooker, can all do that in a price of one!

    The Multi-function Electric Pressure Cooker is a new type of cooker that adapts the latest technology and it integrates the advantages of pressure cooker, electric cooker and braising cooker in just one cooker.

    👉 It features a multiple functions for cooking rice, soup, stewing, and braising which makes it more practical and easier in today's modern world.

    👉 This pressure cooker has a rapid cooking time making your food cooks faster than usual.

    👉 It has an advanced safety structure so you wont have to worry anything about safety.

    👉 It also preserve the nutrition of the food you are cooking. Wow! What a healthy minded Pressure Cooker!

    👉 Plus! It has an energy saving feature that can totally save money for your electricity bill. Wow! Soooo ~ Amazing!

    "Truly an amazing and excellent product to have at home!"

    "Now you won't need to buy separate cookers for cooking rice, soup, stewing, and braising, because the Multi-function Electric Pressure Cooker got your back!"

    Multiple functions for cooking rice, soup, stewing and braising
    Easy To Operate
    Rapid cooking time
    Energy saver
    Nutrition preservation, healthy and sanitation

    Color : Metallic Red
    Voltage : 220
    Frequency : 50Hz
    Power : 1000W
    Capacity : 6 Liters
    Working Pressure : 0 - 70 Kpa
    Size : 12.4in x 12.4in x 14.8in

    1 x Multi-function Electric Pressure Cooker
    1 x Power Cord
    1 x Measuring Cup
    1 x Rice Scoop
    1 x User Manual


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