Portable 5 in 1 Sofa Bed + FREE Air Pump

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    Portable 5 in 1 Sofa Bed

    "You know what is amazing? Upgrading your traditional sofa into a Portable! Inflatable! and Durable Sofa Bed! "


    5 in 1 sofa bed



    • Material : Top Quality Vinyl
    • Size:1.88mx1.52mx64cm 74"60"25As the name reflects, Inflatable Sofa  Bed is sophisticated and comfortable furniture.
    • It is appropriate furniture for less spacious homes.
    • It serves both the purpose of seating and sleeping as it can be converted from sofa to a double bed, when needed.
    • Inflatable sofa bed is a stylish piece of furniture which is also best for outdoor activities like camping or picnics 
    • It is also easy to maintain and can be easily packed in a compact bag.
    • Bring home the Inflatable Sofa  Bed and add glitters to your home decor.


    5 in 1 sofa bed

    It is made from high quality materials and advance technology, even a moving truck won't make this thing pop! 


    5 in 1 sofa bed

    it is portable, comfortable and perfect furniture for less spacious homes.


    5 in 1 sofa bed

    In can be also use for outdoor activities, trips, vacations and camping!


    sofa bedIt can transform in to 5 different looks! From a Sofa, Kids Bed, Queen Size Bed, Lounger and Recliner! 



         Package Include :

    • Luxury 5 in 1 Sofa Bed
    • Patch
    • Free Air Pump










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